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Nevis Historical and Conservation Society Manuscripts and Imprints


In 2019 a team of Hamilton College staff and students traveled to the island of Nevis, birthplace of our namesake Alexander Hamilton. The team worked with staff members from the Nevis Historical and Conservation Society (NHCS) to digitize records in fragile physical condition and/or of significant historical value, including: Minutes of the Nevis Council, Baptismal Records from Anglican Churches, and the only known printed copy of the Laws of Nevis (ca. 1773). These materials are presented here for research purposes. All intellectual property rights to the images and information contained therein reside with the NHCS.

Acknowledgements: Hamilton College wishes to thank the following individuals for their assistance in the completion of this project: Johannes Burlin, for making the entire project possible. NHCS staff: Pauline Ngunjiri, Gail Dore, Jonathan Ward, and Ella Bendito, were wonderful hosts. Ambassador Everson Hull was hugely supportive of this effort. The Hamilton College team comprised Christian Goodwillie, Director and Curator of Special Collections and Archives, Marianita Peaslee, Photography and Digital Imagery Specialist, and students Kayley Boddy (‘22), Sam Wilkerson (‘22), and Skylar Havens (‘20), all of whom were trained in digital imaging.

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