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Stokell, Robert, fl. 1759. Antigua, 26 Feb...
Sundridge, 13 Sept. 1790. Ms. letter, signed
The Bride of Barbados, by the author of nothing <but mischiefs>. . .
The Conveyances from Sr John Bendyshe and Dame Martha his wife to Mr. John West and William Smith To severall [?] of Barbadoes Lands. 1675. (docket title)
The Honble Thomas Shirley and Dame Mary his Wife to Robt. Burton Esqr. and Chas. Delamotte Esqr. } Deed to be Enrolled at Barbadoes. (docket title)
The Revd. Richd. Smith and Wife to Messrs. Gibbs and Bright. } Mortgage of a moiety of a plantation in the Island of Barbadoes for securing £2223.17.7 and future advances not exceeding £3000 and Interest. (docket title)
The petition of Rd Bate to the Ld Justices concerning plant La Rouse Augt 99 (docket title)
The probate of Sr. John Colleton's Will. 23°. April 1666 (docket title)
Weekes family accounts, 1825-Dec. 1841
Weekes genealogical chart. 2 or 3 p. in fragments, in plasticine.
Weekes, genealogy
Whitehall, 15 Aug. 1716. ALS to James Douglass
Wm Bate and Alice Bate their deed of Settlemt of plant La Rouse to Rd Bate their Sonne Augt 14 1677 Barbados (docket title)
Wm Bate and Alice Bate their deed of Settlemt of planta Delarouse on Rd Bate Augt 14 77 (docket title)
Wm Hart his deposition concerning plant La Rouse Augt 12: 99 (docket title)
Wm Rawlin Barbad May 7th 1745 reced in Lond June 8th do. (docket title).
[1840?] Eton College. to "My dear Papa and Mama"
[1840?] Eton College. to "My dear Papa and Mama"
[1877?] Silit, an old servent, to Nathan Weekes
[Journal of the siege of Martinique] 19 Dec. 1761 through 26 Feb...