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Caribbean cruise of the yawl Ptarmigan. Series of type written bulletins about the cruise from November 15 to December 28, 1937.
Certifficat de garde de la marine a Rochefort Pour Beauregard de Telincourt. ... (docket title)
Chassériau, Benoit, fl. 1790-1830?.. Paris, 9 Nov. 1824
Cinnamon Hill Estate. Autograph letter signed from A. Nisbet, agent on Tobago, to Alexander Reid, Scotland, describing his brother's affairs in the Court of Common Pleas. He gives details of the sugar crop and claims by his brother's creditors. Also a lis
Col. Martin's proposals for surrender of his lease of Barbuda. Addressed to "Sir William Codrington Baront at Langton near Blandford Dorsetshire, recd. Oct. 11: 1756. In a secretarial hand, this is a complete inventory of stock and slaves of Martin's plan
Coleridge, William Hart, Bishop of Barbados. The manuscript of the Bishop's first charge to the clery of Barbados. Original manuscript extensively corrected in both ink and pencil. A wide ranging discourse on birth, death, internment, marriage, education,
Colonies 1779 (on front cover). 1779/1781. Ms. account book
Commission de Directeur du Port à [Rochefort] pour le S. [Le Vassor de la Touche Capitaine de Vau.]... (docket title)
Conge d'un an avec Appointemens... "Fait a Paris le 12 fevrier 1791...
Copy of a secretarial manuscript by Macartney, headed "Private", to Lord George Germaine, secretary of state for the colonies, asking for permission to resign. Within a month Grenada fell and Macartney was taken to France as a prisoner of war. St. George,
Copy of a secretarial manuscript letter by Macartney to Admiral Samuel Barrington about "the defenceless situation of my government." St. George's Grenada. January 30, 1779. 1pp., 32 cm.
Cuba - Diary
Danbury, 30 Sept. 1778. ALS to [Joshua Wentworth]
Daniel Byam Mathew Esqr. to Mr. Coulthard } Lease for a Year. (docket title), 6 June 1777 / (tied with) b) Danl. Byam Mathew Esqr to Mr Coulthard } Deed to bar Intails in the Cupids Garden or penitinny plantation. (docket title), 10 June 1777
De Par Le Roy Il est ordonné au S Beauregard de Telincourt…
Deed Of Settlement Of The West India Land Investment Company (ms. cover title)
Demerary. By His Excellency... Benjamin D'Urban...Lieutenant-Gov...
Denombrement des blancs, mulatres, sauvages, et Negres qui se sont trouver dans L'Isle de Mariegalante. en Lannee 1685. partager en deux compagnies qui ont chacune leur quartier... Marie Galante, 2 March 1685. Ms. census chart. 1 sheet. 58 x 42 cm. folded
Depositions in a legal case - Curaçao 1774-1819
Des nombrement general de l'isle de la Martinque de l'anne 1694. July 8, 1694. 1 p. 34.8 x 45.3 cm.
Diary of a voyage from Inverness, via London, to Demerara. October 14-December 15, 1843. 35 pp. 18 cm. Box 21
Doctr J Jeffries Letter directs in Sale of his Land Nov. 28. 1791. (docket title)
Eckley, Joseph, fl. 1792-1797. "Dear Sir, Your last letter with the 466...
Engraved portrait, 11.5 X 9.1 cm., glued to larger sheet of frayed paper...
Estrait des Registres de La Chambre de Comptes, Paris, 26 May 1721
Exchange for 100 of Sterling St. Kitts July 22,1820 At thirty days light of this our Third of to the Order of Captn Dougald McColl in London One hundred pounds Sterling Value received and the Account of the adventure per the Ros
Exeter, 21 Nov. 1788. ALS to Joshua Wentworth, "Sir...
Extract out the record of the Sentence of the Island of St. Martins...
Extrait des Registres des Greffes de L'amiraute Generalle de france…
Extrait du Registre des Deliberations du Tribunal des Prises... [Paris]...
Fruits flowers etc. of the West Indies 22 May 1824. Bound volume...
Government House Barbados June 28 1824
Govr. Johnstone to Mr Dundas, dated Bristol 4 April 1787, relative to the Island of Trinadada, and some other Islands. On the utility of Trinidada to our E. I. Commerce recommends recommends making a settlement on some Islands 78 Leagues to the Eastward o
Grenada, 16 Jan. 1808. Ms. Letter to Ernouf, signed..
Grenada, 7 March 1808. ALS to Erouf
Hansford, Jenkins, fl. 1755. North Carolina, 10 March 1755…
Highwood Hill, Middlesex, 3 Jan. 1828. ALS to "The Revd Chas...
Import statement of the Brig. Betsy Christopher. 1 pp. 24 cm. July 10, 1794.
Isc. Rindge Esqr and others Commissrs. in dividing the Estate of the heirs to David and Sarah Jeffries decd -- bill of charges for their services... (docket title)
J., C., fl. 1783. Boston, 6 Sept. 1783 Ms. letter to Joshua Wentworth...
Jamaica, 8 Feb. 1800. Ms. Affidavit for William Ramsay
Januy 1 1783 List Negroes (docket title).
John Bassett, His Book 1759 Ledger... (ms. Title-page)... 17 May 1759...
Journal. Steamer Tagus to Gibraltar & Troop ship Apollo to Jamaica from Oct. 31, 1839-April 26, 1840. 11.5 x 9.5 cm. Brown leather cover with metal closure. Box 21
Kingston, Jamaica, 20 April 1798. ALS to Milligan and Mitchell, London...
L Macleane, I. Stuart, Sir T. C. Bunbury. C. Upton and Geo. Ridge to Peter Simond and John Hankey } Power of Attorney. (docket title)
Later governor. Letter to General Barrington 12 April 1759. WITH: 1. 8 line pay voucher. 2. "A return of the men's names of the 64th Regt". 3. "Return of the men of the 63d Regimt."
Lease agreement with Andrew Hamilton. 2 pp. 33 cm. London. November 22, 1788.
Leigh, Joseph, fl. 1797? J. Leigh's Return of Cloathing issues [1797?]...
Leogane, 14 Sept. 1735