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Boston, 22 Aug. 1776. ALS to Joshua Wentworth
Captain Bligh's Private Letter respecting Curacoa (docket title)
Cardwell, Edward... Monserat, 14th March 1865.
Copy of a secretarial manuscript by Macartney, headed "Private", to Lord George Germaine, secretary of state for the colonies, asking for permission to resign. Within a month Grenada fell and Macartney was taken to France as a prisoner of war. St. George,
France. Ministère de la Marine et des Colonies. Secretaire d'Etat...
Paris, 28 March 1818. Ms. letter [to Portalis] on printed letterhead...
Sir G: Br Rodneys orders from Admiralty and his orders to Mr Digby at Gibraltar 1780 -- (docket title)
Versailles, 7 Dec. 1774