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St. Martin, 13 April 1801. ALS to Mme. Noux
St. Pierre, Martinique, 13 April 1810. Ms. Receipts from Adam...
St. Pierre, Martinique, 21 Oct. 1765. Ms. and autographer letter, signed...
St. Thomas Lowland Baptismal Records 1827-1873
Stephn Griffiths Bill of Lading for 7 Horses Shipd by John Wyles (docket title).
Stokell, Robert, fl. 1759. Antigua, 26 Feb...
Subvention extraordinaire de Guerre. Titre V. Captions...
Sugar account sheet for the Douglas Estate, Antigua
Sundridge, 13 Sept. 1790. Ms. letter, signed
Suoles avancemens provisoires accordés à la Martinique, dans le Corps des Officiers de la Légion. Avis des Nominations faites par le Roi. Dispositions relatives à la place de Major, aux deux emplois vacance de Chef du Bataillon, aux Officiers à la Suite,
Supposed Annl. Expences of the Montroses at Grenada (docket title)
Sur La Santé de l'infan de Iunction (docket title).
Sur l'exécution à la Martinique de l'ordre du 10. 8bre 1821 rélative aux traitement de la Gendarmerie. (docket title)
Sur le cahier des charges rédigé par Me. Dervaux avoué en ce tribunal. . .
Sur les encouragemens à accorder dans la Colonie à la Culture du Coton. (docket title)
Survey of Provisions recd. by the Dispatch transport Victualler (docket title)
Surveyor's report with map and signed receipt] Martinique, 13 March 1768
Table pour dechifrer proposee a Monseigneur Le Comte de…
Tableau des Sommes reçües par le Sr. du Sr. Goursac, pour...
Ten views in the island of Antigua, in which are represented the process of sugar making, and the employment of the Negroes, in the field, boiling-house and distillery
The Assignees of Messrs Rucker, Bankrupts and Robert Farquhar Esqr } Agreement. (docket title)
The Bride of Barbados, by the author of nothing <but mischiefs>. . .
The Conveyances from Sr John Bendyshe and Dame Martha his wife to Mr. John West and William Smith To severall [?] of Barbadoes Lands. 1675. (docket title)
The Estate of James B. Gordon Esqr. Lying in the Division of Old North Sound, called Sanderson's. A Copy By, James Chalmers--Surveyor Genl.
The Honble Farquhard Campbell To Rose and Jeanvearve Debuque (docket title)
The Honble Thomas Shirley and Dame Mary his Wife to Robt. Burton Esqr. and Chas. Delamotte Esqr. } Deed to be Enrolled at Barbadoes. (docket title)
The Honble. S. B. Athill to William Henry Fremantle Esqr. and others. } Lease for a Year. (docket title)
The Honourable Gilbert Fleming Esqr. ãts Douglas and Another } Commission for taking Answer in Chancery. (docket title)
The Hoñble Lord Iames Murray and others <Trustees of the Marre Settlement of Auguste Iules Armand Marie Count of Polignac and Barbara Countess of Polignac> and the said Barbara Countess of Polignac to [blank] Porter Esqr. } Power of Attorney. (docket titl
The Lord Carleils graunt to Coll John Jeaffreson (docket title).
The Petition, of the Coloured Inhabitants, of the Island of Antigua. (ms. title-page)
The Proper Accot. Of Sir Willm. Codrington...Jan.-Dec. 1775...
The Proprietors of Estates in British Guiana and Trinidad and Others and Alexander Macgregor Esqre. } Agreement as to Chinese Immigrants. (docket title)
The Representatives of Mrs. Grace Webb deceased to Reverend Nathaniel Gilbert } Deed for releasing <upon the terms within mentioned> Mrs. Gilberts estate in the Island of Antigua from all arrears of interest hitherto accrued on a certain legacy or sum of
The Representatives of Mrs. Grace Webb deced to Reverend Nathaniel Gilbert } Deed for releasing upon the terms within mentioned> Mrs. Gilberts Estate in the Island of Antigua from all arrears of Interest hitherto accrued on a certain Legacy or sum of £100
The Rev.d Dr. Littlehales and others to Sir John Aubrey and others } Assignment and declaration of Trust.- (docket title)
The Revd. Nathaniel Gilbert to Messrs. Cardale Sliffe and Russell. } Mortgage of Gilbert's Mangrove Richmond's Chapman's and Howard's Estates in the Island of Antigua. (Docket title)
The Revd. Peter Elmsley to The Honble. Alexr. Scott Richard Manley Esqr. and Andrew Whiteman Esqr. } Letter of Attorney. (docket title)
The Revd. Richd. Smith and Wife to Messrs. Gibbs and Bright. } Mortgage of a moiety of a plantation in the Island of Barbadoes for securing £2223.17.7 and future advances not exceeding £3000 and Interest. (docket title)
The State of the Case Presented by The Revd. Christopher Jeaffreson at Dullingham House May 21. 1824 (docket title).
The case of Abednego Vanlampul Burt who died intestate in November 1752.. Statement of local legal opinion. 2 pp. 37.5 cm. AND Letter explaining the court's judgment. 2 pp. 23.4 cm. January 25, 1753.
The counterpte of the Assignemt. to Mr. Willm: Freeman. 1652 (docket title).
The foregoing Account Continued from the Year 1780 to the year...
The humble address of the gentlemen of the Assembly of Antigua met at the town of St. John on the first day of February 1736. 2pp. 33 cm. February 1, 1736.
The petition of Rd Bate to the Ld Justices concerning plant La Rouse Augt 99 (docket title)
The probate of Sr. John Colleton's Will. 23°. April 1666 (docket title)
Theseus.-- List of Killed and Wounded at the attack of Curacoa 31 Jany to 26th. Feby 1804. (docket title)
Thevenit C De Delignery (docket title)
This is a group of letters "mainly from French civilians... writing to...
Thomas Robinson Esquire to His Majesty } Confirmation of Mortgage of Shares of Rosalie Estate in the Island of Dominica for securing £1500 and interest at 4 pCent. (docket title)