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The counterpte of the Assignemt. to Mr. Willm: Freeman. 1652 (docket title).
The foregoing Account Continued from the Year 1780 to the year...
The petition of Rd Bate to the Ld Justices concerning plant La Rouse Augt 99 (docket title)
The probate of Sr. John Colleton's Will. 23°. April 1666 (docket title)
Theseus.-- List of Killed and Wounded at the attack of Curacoa 31 Jany to 26th. Feby 1804. (docket title)
Thevenit C De Delignery (docket title)
This is a group of letters "mainly from French civilians... writing to...
Thomas Robinson Esquire to His Majesty } Confirmation of Mortgage of Shares of Rosalie Estate in the Island of Dominica for securing £1500 and interest at 4 pCent. (docket title)
Thomas Rowland Esqr: to Mr Patrick Burke } Release in Fee of Lands in the parish of St Ann Sandy point. 16th Iuly 1756 (docket title)
Thoughts on the importance of our Colonies in the West Indies...
To the Honble Captain Boscawen Commander of his Majesty's Ship the Shoreham (first line)
Trade concession for Canaguan Island Martinique, 20 Feb. 1765...
Trinidad No 1512. /C/. Adjudication and Award in favor of Peter Bell and Auguste Darbain in Trust for Dominique Iacob Pinto and Ioseph Ernest Pinto... (docket title)
Trinidad, 6 April 1853. ALS to Mrs. Gladstone
Trinidad, 8 Feb. 1856. ALS.
Trinidad, This contract and agreement made and entered...
Trinidad. To all to whom these Presents shall come I Lucas...
Tuileries, 15 March 1821. Ms. letter to Sir Charles Stuart, signed
U. S. S. Vandalia. Log. 1879-81. Commander Richard Worsam Meade.
Undated invoice of Mr. Francis Lodwick
Undated poem composed by the writer's cousin, Christopher
United States Consulate Dutch West Indies.
Vaye, 14 Jan. 1800. ALS to Maisoncelle Vertille
Ve. de Beauregard 2921# (docket title)
Vente Par madlle. de Beauregard à Mr. Labonnardierre. ... (docket title)
Vente d'une negresse Par M. longpré de la touche a Mlle. sa fille. (docket title)
Vente de moitié de maison par Ms. des Vergers de Sanois... françoise Duchastel, Demoiselle son epouse [?]gneris du 6. [?]bre 1785 (docket title)
Vente par S: chd: Mongonyon dell. Céline Sr. Jean Jean à Mer. de la Touche (docket title, at top of page)
Vera Cruz, 24 May 1824. ALS to Governor Victoria Guadalupe of...
Versailles, 11 March 1766. Printed form, blanks filled in ms.,...
Versailles, 17 Feb. 1786. Ms. letter to Desligneris, signed
Versailles, 18 April 1766. Ms., 1 p. 36 cm. Seal. Worming with loss...
Versailles, 6. Jan. 1745. Ms. Letter to de Lignery
Versailles, 9 June 1786. Ms. letter to Desligneris, signed
Voyage dans l'Amerique du Nord, Antilles, Mexique...
Warrant from Iustices of Peace of denbigh March 11th. (docket title)
Warrawarou---Dubuque Proo Ground
Wavel Smith Petition agt. Report. (docket title)
Ways and Means for 1843 (docket title).
Weekes family accounts, 1825-Dec. 1841
Weekes genealogical chart. 2 or 3 p. in fragments, in plasticine.
Weekes, genealogy
West Indian Mems [i.e., memoirs]
Whitehall, 15 Aug. 1716. ALS to James Douglass
William Johnstone Esqre: and Messrs. John Inglis Edward Ellice and J. B. Inglis } Agreement (docket title)
William Lushington Esqr. to Messrs. Boldero and Co. } Lease for a Year. (docket title)
William Mathew Burt Esqr. to Messrs. Curtis and Lovell-- } Conveyance of Goathill Plantation in the Island of St. Christophers (docket title)
William Shand Esq. to George Savage Martin and Wm. Hy. Martin Esqrs. } Reconveyance of the High Point Plantation in Antigua. (docket title)
William Smith Esqr and Wife to Messrs. Payne and Clarke } Release of a Plantation in the Island of Nevis in the West Indies with the Slaves etc. thereto belonging (docket title)
William Timson... Marryat Esq. ...} Conveyance of Tivoli and St. John Estates... the Island of Grenada. (docket title)