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Messrs. Nesbitt and Stewart and Alexr Campbell Esqr. to Messrs. Lushington and Law } Lease for a year. (docket title)
Montrose Accotts 31st December 1794 (docket title).
Montrose Grenada 1st January 1792 - Plantation Acct... Grenada 1...
Montrose Grenada from 1st Jan.ry to 31 Decemr 1798 (docket title).
Mr. Antoine Menu the Younger and Others to Mr. Anthony Tregent } Lease Dated the 15th day of November 1771. ... (docket title)
Mr. William Timson and others to Samuel Marryat Esqr. } Lease for a Year. (docket title)
Mrs. Elizth. McKinnon Wo. by the direction of Willm. Lushington the Elder and his assignees to Messrs. Timson and Marryat } Assignment and Surrender of Interest in Tivoli and St John and the Slaves etc thereon. (docket title)
Plan of Montrose Estate Grenada (docket title) Grenada, 1774...
Power of Attorney to Thomas Lewis by Thos. Martin. (docket title)
Saints, 20 April 1809. ALS to Ernouf, 1 p....
Saints, 27 April 1809. ALS to Ernouf, 1 p....
Supposed Annl. Expences of the Montroses at Grenada (docket title)
The Assignees of Messrs Rucker, Bankrupts and Robert Farquhar Esqr } Agreement. (docket title)
William Johnstone Esqre: and Messrs. John Inglis Edward Ellice and J. B. Inglis } Agreement (docket title)
William Lushington Esqr. to Messrs. Boldero and Co. } Lease for a Year. (docket title)
William Timson... Marryat Esq. ...} Conveyance of Tivoli and St. John Estates... the Island of Grenada. (docket title)