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"Memorandm, that mr: Iames Stapleton, the Son of his Excie:William Stapleton Captt. Generall &c Was borne upon this Island of Nevis the 24th. day of Septr. …
24 June 1748
30 May 1748. ALS to Sq. Doctor Jarvis at Antigua
Andrew Hamilton Esqr. to Benjamin Vaughan Junior and others. } Lease for a Year. (docket title)
Andrew Hamilton Esqr. to Richard Neave and Thomas Neave Esqrs. } Lease for a Year.-- (docket title)
Comission of Coll. of Forts etc. in Nevis. (docket title)
Estimate of rum and duties for Jamaica, Barbados, Antigua,…
Grafton Street, 21 Aug. 1788. ALS to Sir George Douglas
Laws of Nevis 1680 - 1773
Mountpleasant, Nevis, 10 June 1787. ALS to [Sir George Douglas]...
Nevis and St. Christophers Debentures, 3 July 1725
RG 1.12 Nevis Council Minutes 1782-1802
RG 1.17 Nevis Council Minutes 1803-1809
RG 1.2 Nevis Council 1748-1752
RG 1.20 Nevis Council Minutes 1816-1818
RG 1.23 Nevis Council Minutes 1823-1827
RG 1.25 Nevis Council Minutes February 1838 - March 1853
RG 1.3 Nevis Council Minutes 1761-1772
RG 1.6 Nevis Council Minutes 1781-1782
RG 1.7 Nevis Council Minutes April 1772 - September 1780
RG 1.8 Nevis Council Minutes 1781-1782
RG 1.9 Nevis Council Minutes 1782-1784
RG 13.3 St. Paul's Baptismal Records 1835-1873
RG 13.9 (13.19) St. Paul's Baptismal Records 1824-1835
RG 15.3 St. James Register of Baptisms 1839-1877
Salem, 7 March, 1758. ALS to Davenport and Co.,...
St Xts. 26 May 1748 From Lt. Genll. Fleming abt Watt's Negros &c. K (docket title).
St. Kitts, 30 May 1748. Copy letter
St. Thomas Lowland Baptismal Records 1827-1873
William Smith Esqr and Wife to Messrs. Payne and Clarke } Release of a Plantation in the Island of Nevis in the West Indies with the Slaves etc. thereto belonging (docket title)