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23. Aug: 1715: Lieut General Mathew's order to raise french crowns to 7: in opposition to the Queen's Proclamation and the Act 6: of the Queen and the act of of 7: and 8th Wm: 3 yt: declares all orders &c void which are in opposition to an Act of Parliame
Antigua, 24 Feb. 1775. ALS to Joshua Wentworth...
Appleton, Nathaniel, fl. 1775. Salem, 5 April 1775...
Aux citoyens Agents des Consuls de la Pép. Fse. [Jan. 1801?]
Bigard to Truxton. (docket title)
Continuation of Notes on the West Indies St Christophers June 1822 F. D. (ms. title-page).
France. Ministère des Relations Extérieures.
Guadeloupe, 25 Jan. 1801. Ms letter on printed form, signed
Guadeloupe, 25 Jan. 1801. Ms. Letter on printed form, signed
Guadeloupe, 26 Jan. 1801. Ms. Letter on printed form, signed
Letter from the Agent of the French Consuls. (docket title)
Mr. Bigard's letter to Capn. Truxtun. (docket title)
Notes on the West Indies. F. D. [St. Christopher] 1822. Blank book...
Salem, 7 March, 1758. ALS to Davenport and Co.,...