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20 April 1809. Ms. Translation of 20 April 1809 letter to Ernouf,...
24 April 1790. ALS to "E. Stewart Esqre Aldermanburg" (integral...
25 Slaves Copies 27 Apl. 1792 same date 12th and 13th May 1794 same dates 14th May 1794 15th D°. 8th Augt 1800 12th. June 1801 13th Novr. 1807 The followg do not relate to the title and are therefore not abstracted 30th June 1808 a Sale to Mr Cruikshank a
9 Jan. 1765-20 June 1771. . . [book of patents for Grenada]
A second copy, same text; affidavits; marked "A" at top of first...
ALS to "Reginald Cust Esq.," signed "Arch: F Pauli"
Accounts of Revolution Hall Estate for the Year 1821. (ms. t.-p)...
Acte par Lequel les nouveaux Sujets nomment jean alexandre de cazard De roumillac leur Deputé à Londres. (docket title)
Alexander Campbell Esqr to Messrs Nesbitt and Stewart } Release of St John's Plantation etc. in Grenada -- with Covenant to make Consignments for securing Debts etc... (docket title)
Alexander Lamb Joseph Marryat The Honble Andrew Houstoun Robert Houstoun Hugh Duncan Baillie James Evan Baillie Geo Henry Ames Wm Vizard, Assignment of Judgment and Terms affecting several plantations in the Island of Grenada In Trust to [?] the inheritan
Amesbury, Massachusetts, and St. Vincent, 29 June 1773-Jan. 1812...
An Exact List of the Negroes and Stock on Montrose Estate -- 31st December 1784. (caption title)
Andrew Irwin Esquire to John Anthony Rucker and Robert Harvey Esqrs. } Lease for a Year... (docket title)
Anglia. Mather Byles Esquire Acting Resident Commissary in Grenada from the 25° December 1795 to the 23d February 1798. (docket title)
Another copy, on two sheets of vellum, same size.
Another copy, the same; affidavits: also signed "Elizabeth...
Appraizement Mount Nesbitt 13th Iuly 1772 (docket title).
Archibald Fredk. Paull Esqre. to Miss Augusta M. Law } Conveyance of the Pearls and Boulogne Estates in the Parish of St. Andrew in the Island of Grenada. (docket title)
Articles of Agreement and Authority relating to the Purchase of Lands and Plantations in the Island of Grenada between John Anthony Rucker Esqr. and John Harvey Esqr. } (docket title)
Bristol, 15 Jan. 1833, from James E. Baillie
Bristol, 2 Jan. 1833, from A. Jones for Evan baillie Sons and Co.;
Bristol, 28 Dec. 1832, from G. H. Ames;
Bristol, 28 Dec. 1832, from James E. Baillie
Calculation of the Annual Espen: on the Estates of Montroses (docket title)
Clarke, Barnabas, fl. 1771. Boston, 25 March 1771. ALS to Joshua...
Conveyance... of Mortgage... Estates... of Grenada. (docket title)
Copy Letter Mr. Hay of Grenada To Messrs Tod and Co. 20th March 1797. (docket title)
Copy of Mr. James Hay's Letter to Tod and Co. dated Grenada 17th July 1796-- (docket title)
Edmund Proudfoot and Thomas Proudfoot Esquires to Thomas Smith Esqr. } Mortgage for Securing 9000.°° and Interest. ... (docket title)
Edmund Thornton Esqr. to James Baillie Esqr. } Lease for a Year...
Francis Martin's receipt of Mr Warren. Grenada, 17 April 1799...
Fraser, A., fl. 1796. Copy of Mr. A. Frasers Letter to Tod and Co. dated Grenada 30th July 1796-- (docket title)
Graeme, David, f. 1767-1798. [Copy] Instructions to Mr. P. Carrick... (docket title)
Grenada November 1799 in Continuation Grenada, 4 Nov 1799...
Grenada, 25 Oct. 1788. Printed form
Grenada, 27 April 1807. Ms. Letter to Ernouf, signed
Grenada, May 1774. ALS to [Davenport and Wentworth]
Grenada, May 1774. ALS to [Davenport and Wentworth]
Home, Esquire to Douglas, Esqr. } Grant of Annuity. (docket title)
Instructions for Mr: Andrew Long--- Appointed Clerk of the Checque...
Inventory and Appraisement of Point Saline and Morne Rouge Estates...
Jno. Blackburn Esqr. and ors. to George Metcalfe Esqr. } Lease for a Year. (docket title), 20 June 1817 / (with) b) Messrs. Robinson and others and George Metcalfe Esquire } Deed of Partition of Estates in the Island of Dominica. -- (docket title), 21 Jun
John Blackburn Esqr. and ors. to George Metcalfe Esqr. } Lease for a Year. (docket title), 22 June 1817 / (tied with) d) Messrs. Robinson and their Trusts. to George Metcalfe Esquire } Mortgage of plantation in the Island of Dominica. (docket title), 23 J
John Harvey Esqr. to Michael McNamara Esqr. and Others } Mortge... (docket title)
Lauchlin Macleane and John Stuart Esqrs. to Mr. Isaac Panchaud } Lease for a Year of one Eighth of several Estates in the Island of Granada. (docket title)
London, 24 May 1872.
Memoire pour yves-henry de la Touche-Limousiniere, Ecuyer Sr. de Mareüil... de la Grenade
Messrs Aitchison and Campbell to Messrs. Fordyce Grant and Co. } Mortgage of plantations etc. in Grenada. (docket title)
Messrs Nesbitt and Stewart by the Direction of Alexander Campbell Esqr and the said Mr Campbell to Messrs Lushington and Law } Assignment of a Mortgage and further Charge of the Estate with Covenants for Consignments. (docket title)
Messrs. Barradaile Edlman and Rucker to George Paterson and Joseph Simpson Esqres } Power of Attorney to execute Conveyance of the within mentioned Plantations and Slaves to Robert Farquhar Esquire To uses to bar Dower. ... (docket title)