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Barbados, 15 Dec. 1781. ALS to Hon. T. Townshend
Barbados. Governor.
Covenant by the Count of Polignac in contemplation of his Marriage with Miss Barbara Campbell to execute a Settlement of his property. (docket title)
Grant, John, fl. 1819. London, 28 Sept. 1819. Ms. copy of letter "To...
Great Baddon, Essex, 28 Aug. 1815
Letter (photostat of published version) dated 13 November 1784...
Lincolns Inn, 29 Sept. 1819. ALS to "Sir George Douglas Bart."
Lt Governor Mundy to His Grace The Duke of Buckingham...
Minute Paper
Miss Barbara Campbell to Lord James Murray James Macdonald and Regd. Geo. Macdonald Esqrs. } Lease for a Year. (docket title), 4 July 1816 / (with) b) folded into quarters and tucked into bottom signature fold, a small sheet of paper…
Sir C Brisbane to Mr Crokatt 2 Dec 1810 (docket title)
The Hoñble Lord Iames Murray and others <Trustees of the Marre Settlement of Auguste Iules Armand Marie Count of Polignac and Barbara Countess of Polignac> and the said Barbara Countess of Polignac to [blank] Porter Esqr. } Power of Attorney. (docket titl