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"Case", "Sir Fletcher Norton 1 Gua. [i.e., guinea]", "Geo: Bristow Winterbottom Mercht. Taylors Hall 10th. Octr. 1765" on docket title. Case. Barbadoes. William Singleton Commander of the Ship...
"Manpool" on notepaper printed "Capron House, Midhurst. . .m 1841?
"Memorandm, that mr: Iames Stapleton, the Son of his Excie:William Stapleton Captt. Generall &c Was borne upon this Island of Nevis the 24th. day of Septr. …
...At a Court of Chancery held by His Excellency Sr. Thomas…
1 Jan. 1849. H. G. Cumming to Gertrude Weekes
10 July 1773. ALS to Joshua Wentworth
10 March 1894. Sherard H. Godman to Uncle William Henry
10 Nov. 1877. N. Forte to ?
10 Nov. 1890. G. Laurie Pile to Col. W. H. Watson, "Opinion...
11 April 1895. Sherard H. Godman to Uncle William Henry
11 July 1684 Orders upon the Report concerng Mr Freeman and Mr Bramley (docket title)
12 Jan. 1847 Govt Office. Printed circular, to HK asking...
12 Nov. 1888. George C. Pile to Col. W. H. Watson
13 Aug. 1846 Wm Hanley to HK, cover letter for above.
14 Nov. 1874. George C. Pile to Dr. Pilgrim
14 Nov. 1877. N. Forte to Mr. Weekes
14 Sept. 1890. George C. Pile to Col. W. H. Watson
15 Augt 1846 Copy of letter to Mr Hanley (docket title).
16 Nov. 1874. George C. Pile to R. Laurie
16 Nov. 1888. George C. Pile to Col. W. H. Watson
17 April 1743. Ms. Letter to Joshua Sharpe, 13 lines, with integral address.
17 Feb. 1890. George C. Pile to Col. W. H. Watson
17 June 1845 Hanley to HK re: introducing Trial by Jury into St Lucia...
17 June 87 From Mr Carmichael Rec'd ye 7 Aug (docket title)
17 Mar. 1846 Wm. Hanley to HK granting 5 months' leave of absence...
1764 Barbados, Parish St. Philip October 27th Christopher Forte. . .
1775? Ms., 8 p. With typed transcription. Begins: "The Barracks..."
18 July 1890. [George C. Pile] to Col. W. H. Watson
1837, 5 June. Henry King is asked to be a "Member of the Council of..."
1838. Jo. Macfarlanes estimated amt of Taxes for 1839 (docket title).
1838? 29 April. HK appointed member of "the Committee for..."
1839 Copy of a despatch from the Marquis of Normanby to Governor General Sir E. I. MacGregor Dated Downing Street 31st Feby (docket title).
1839 Corrected Statement of Revenue for 1839 (docket title).
1839 Dr Robinsons Statement of the Taxes for 1839 (docket title).
1839 Estimate of Revenue for 1839 (docket title).
1839 I B Jennings Acting Colonial Secretary lasting 4 October Recd (docket title).
1839 J. B. Jennings <Acting Colonial Secretary> Govt Office 27 Sept Recd 29 Sept (docket title).
1839 On Subject of the best plan to adopt to prevent Labourers taking Coffee (docket title).
1839 Wm Hanley Colonl Secretary 27 Nov on subject of Poor Law Commissions Book (docket title)
1839, 2 July. William Hanley to HK
1839, 29 Apr. William Hanley to HK
1839, 30 July. Ms. Leltlter, asking HK to be on the Council of...
1839. The Colonial Secretary and Doctor Robinson statement of the amount of Taxes [?] Ordinances of October (docket title).
1840 Copy of a Despatch from Sir E I MacGregor Governor Genl (docket title).
1841 Estimated expenditure (docket title).
1841 Government statement of Ways and Means for the present year (docket title).
1844 Memorial of Planters Merchants on Subject of Immigration (docket title).
1845 Copy of Sir Charles Grays Despatch of 29th Nov to Lt Col Torrens (docket title).
1845 Honble W. Hanley Colonial Secretary Castries 3 June Recd 16 June On Subject of Despatch from Hon Government to pay Costs and Damages in suit with D and J (docket title).
1845 Honble Wm Hanley Colonl Secty Castries 29 March Recd 31 March on Subject of Next Council the end of May to consider of the Ways and Means for 1846 (docket title).