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Lesser Antilles (Beinecke)

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Copies of letters to Blathwayt, Barbados, 5 March . . . 12 March . . . 14 March 1691/2
(1) "Sr I write to you againe Sooner then I thought, the Inclos'd Letter to the Lords will find you the reasons of itt..."(2) "The Master of the same Vessell that brought me Last Week, a letter from my Lord Inchiquin..."(3) "Sr. This is the third time I have writt to you in eight dayes by 3 Severall Vessells..."(4) "Coll Codrington also informs me that Capt: Stubbles Commander of the England frigatt was att Antego repairing the Damage he rec'd from the French..."(5) "Sr. You may Remember that I told you att my Leaving England that I carryed over with me Mr. Siddon a Lawyer...", Signed, Original digital object name: bei-m029d
Copies of letters to John Povey and Blathwayt, Barbados, 10 Aug. and 12 Sept. and 19 Sept. 1692
(1) "Sir Believing Mr. Blathwait to be with the King in Flanders I write to you... Give my humble Service to Mr. Blathwayt who I hope is safely return'd with his Maty: from Flanders. Copia"John Povey, Blathwayt's nephew, was his deputy in the Plantation Office (cf. Jacobsen, p. 250).(2) "Sir I congratulate your safe arrival into England... Glorious with your conquest over the French... Mr. Garth, a Captn. in the Duke of Bolton's Regimt. came in here, in a Sloop that had been to carry Prisoners to Martinico..."(3) "By a Vessell that arriv'd yesterday from Bermudas I am inform'd that an Expresse that was bound for England from the President of Jamaica... gives a Lamentable Relation of the Totall Destruction of Port Royall by an Earthquake but I hope itt is not so bad as itt is Reported."James Kendall was governor of Barbados 1690-1694., Signed, Original digital object name: bei-m029k
Copy of a letters to Blathwayt, Barbados, 14 March 1691/2 and 20 April 1692
(1) "Sir This is the third time I have writt to you in Eight dayes, by three Lords..."(2) "Sir Since the writing the above Letter: Wrenn is dead, and Butler as Eldest Captn succeeds to the comand of the Squadron...", Signed, Original digital object name: bei-m029e
Copy of a letters to Blathwayt, Barbados, 7 Feb and 4 March 1691/2
Kendall, James, fl. 1692. Copy begins: "Sir By the Hanniball, and Captn. Wren I receivd yours of the third and twelfth of November, to which I will give you a full Answeur by the First Fleet that sayls with convoy..."ALS begins: "Sr. I write to you again sooner then I thought the inclos'd Letter to the Lords all give you the Reasons of itt. I have order'd Mr. Thornbrough to wayt on you..." "The same Vessell that brought me Last Week a Letter from my Lord Inchequeen wherein he gave me an account of his Sicknesse, Inform'd me also of his Death...", Original digital object name: bei-m029c
Letter to Blathwayt, Barbados, 11 June 1692
Whetstone, John, fl. 1692."Worthy Sr. By his Exenc. order I herewith Send you Coppyes of all Publiq busines transacted at the Councill...", Original digital object name: bei-m029i
Letter to Blathwayt, Barbados, 12 Feb. 1691
First line: Though I have not beene soe happy this many months to have and Commands from..., Original digital object name: bei-m029a
Letter to Blathwayt, Barbados, 13 Aug. 1692
Whetstone, John, fl. 1692."Sr. I now Send you in the Hampshire Copyes of all busines transacted at the Councill Board..."John Whetstone was Clerk of Council in Barbados--cf. PRO. Calendar. Colonial Series, v. 13., Original digital object name: bei-m029l
Letter to Blathwayt, Barbados, 14 May 1692. From Mr Whetstone Recd. 13 Aug: 1692 (docket title)
Whetstone, John, fl. 1692."Worthy Sr. His Excie: our Governor: Order'd Mee to Signify to you that by the Man of Warr... all publiqe Affaires... will be then directed to your hands..."--discusses financial and political affairs., Signed, Original digital object name: bei-m029f
Letter to Blathwayt, Barbados, 15 July 1692
Kendall, James, fl. 1692."Sr. This serves Only to inclose this act wch carries in itt a Present of 2000ll..." signed "Kendall," who asks permission to accept the gift and complains of the lack of news from home., Signed, Original digital object name: bei-m029j
Letter to Blathwayt, Barbados, 15 March 16[92]
First line: Soe uncertaine have beene all our Conveyances for Europe of late by going in the winter..., Signed, Original digital object name: bei-m029b
Letter to Blathwayt, Barbados, 23 July 1696, Drpt from Col. Russel (docket title)
Russell, Francis, d. 1696, colonel."Sr. I am soe fateagued with these three fleets that I was not able to write..." replying to charges made against him--"my owne contience does not accuse me of any crime... I wish those persons here would have bin soe faere with me as to have seen wt they wrote and--lett me have sent my owne iustification with it..." signed "F Russell" with postscript.Russell was governor of Barbados, 1694-96. Frere in his Short history of Barbados says there was dissatisfaction over a gift of £4,000 made to Russell by the Assembly.From the J. G. Bell and--Sir Thomas Phillipps Collections., Original digital object name: bei-m029m
Letter to D. Wescomb, Whitehall, 15 Nov. 1727
"Sir Upon receipt of your Letter... I have look'd into the Papers transmitted to me with your Letter... relating, among other things, to Appeals in Jamaica--All which... I laid before my Lords Commissioners... I do not find that I return'd you any Answer... or that it seem'd necessary... after what pass'd between the Board and--the Directors on that Subject. ..." signed "Alured Popple."Alured Popple was Secretary of the Council of Trade and Plantations., Original digital object name: bei-m050
Letters to Blathwayt, Barbados, 14 May and 10 June 1692
Kendall, James, fl. 1692."What you have now read is the coppy of what I sent you by the last Shipp... Not having anything of consequence to impart to the Lords of the Comittee I think it would be impertinent to trouble them now with my Letters...", Signed, Original digital object name: bei-m029g
Letters, 10 June and 9 July 1692
"Sir Not having any thing of consequence to import to the Lords of the Committee I think it would be impertinent to trouble them now with my Letters..." and "Sr. The Letter on the other side was upon Second thoughts Sent you By the Mary-- tho her Comdr. be an arrant Sott yett the Leutt is a sober fellow...", Signed, Original digital object name: bei-m029h
Memoir of military service, 1776-1779, ms journal
Original digital object name: bei-m241a, This digital resource is provided by the Special Collections department, Hamilton College, Clinton, New York, United States.