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Lesser Antilles (Beinecke)

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7th Augt. 1755 Committee Order for staying proceedgs. in Mr. Price's last appeal. (docket title)
"At the Council Chamber Whitehall the 7. of August 1755. By the Right Honorable the Lords of the Committee of Council for hearing Appeals from the Plantations. Whereas by Order in Council... there was referred... the humble Petition and Appeal of the Honble Charles Price of... Jamaica..." signed "W. Sharpe"Phillipps Ms. 17094., Original digital object name: bei-m118, This digital resource is provided by the Special Collections department, Hamilton College, Clinton, New York, United States.
Letter to Arthur Sparke, Barbadoes, 15 July 1654.
First line: Brother, after my love unto you presented..., Original digital object name: bei-m004b
Letter to Arthur Sparke, Barbados, 13 May 1654.
First line: After[?] my love and dew respecte unto you presented and to..., Original digital object name: bei-m004a
Letter to Arthur Sparke, Jamaica, 24 Jan. 1659.
First line: Both my love and Best Respectes unto you..., Original digital object name: bei-m004c
Letter to Arthur Sparke, Jamaica, 6 Aug. 1660.
First line: And Ever Lovinge Brother. Theise ffew lynes are only..., Has had a bad trip--deplores the market--cannot get sugar at 4d. per pound--introduces Mr. Nicholas Sparke--Jamaica needs relief badly from England--has sent his mother a coconut by John Dudley--also sends an earring with pearls and a cake of chocolate--asks for brandy--longs to return to England but cannot get goods for passage as brother Gabriel has sold what he was given and "makes himsealf drunkard llaughing stocke to all the Country..."--in short, is very unhappy.There are Sparke family papers (54 documents), including letters of Arthur and Charles, in the library of the Royal Commonwealth Society--see Handler 152-153., Original digital object name: bei-m004d
Letter to D. Wescomb, Whitehall, 15 Nov. 1727
"Sir Upon receipt of your Letter... I have look'd into the Papers transmitted to me with your Letter... relating, among other things, to Appeals in Jamaica--All which... I laid before my Lords Commissioners... I do not find that I return'd you any Answer... or that it seem'd necessary... after what pass'd between the Board and--the Directors on that Subject. ..." signed "Alured Popple."Alured Popple was Secretary of the Council of Trade and Plantations., Original digital object name: bei-m050