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Lesser Antilles (Beinecke)

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Fort Royal, 17 Jan. 1822. ALS to Donzelot
"Mon Général Je ne puis resister au service de vous témoigner toute ma Gratitude..." signed "Bt. Chasseriau"Benoit Chassériau "alla aux Antilles, en 1802, avec le général Leclerc, comme trésorier général de l'expédition de S.-Domingue. Les révoltes des noirs l'obligèrent à quitter l'île et à ramener sa famille en France. Plus tard, il passa au Venezuela où il aida Bolivar à libérer sa patrie et fut chargé par celui-ci du ministère de l'Intérieur. Il mourut consul de France à Porto-Rico" (DBF).This correspondence, continued in numbers M513, M515, M526, M529, M531, and M533 in this catalogue, touches on the economics and politics of South America and the Isles du Vent; French recognition of the new government of Colombia; a proclamation by Boyer, president of Haiti; trade between the Antilles and South America; a meeting with the marchioness de Toro and General Soublette; the prices of coffee, cacao, indigo, and copper; the disposition of Colombia vis-à-vis Spain via French mediation; establishing commercial communications among Colombia, France, and the Isles du Vent., Original digital object name: bei-m509, This digital resource is provided by the Special Collections department, Hamilton College, Clinton, New York, United States.
London, 26 Feb. 1800. ALS to Delair "Negt. A Charleston, Caroline...
"Dear Sir, I had the honor, a few days ago, of receiving your obliging Letter... accompanied with another from Mons: de Grasse, complaining, with great reason, of a paragraph in my printed account of Sto. Domingo, reflecting on his character and conduct..."Edward admits misstatements regarding Auguste de Grasse in his Historical survey of the French colony in the island of St. Domingo, London, 1797, and promises revisions in the new edition.With contemporary translation into French of Edwards' letter, p. 3-4."James Delaire, a draughtsman and mathematician, had been in the employ of William Gerard DeBrahm, his Majesty's Surveyor General, in East Florida, but Delaire had departed the province by 1771" (George C. Rogers, Jr., ed., The Papers of Henry Laurens IX:312, note 6). Laurens' letter to Jacques Delaire dated 25 Feb. 1774 (ibid.) says, in part, "Undoubtedly, Sir, you may do extremely well in South Carolina, with a tolerable Capital of Money, either in planting or Commerce. You were a Stranger in East Florida, not fortunately Connected, and for want of experience, no wonder you Succeeded badly. But even in that Country the Planters have made pretty good Crops the last Year and perhaps a Second pursuit may be attended by a more favorable event to you. ...Laurens writes with an order to "Delaire and Richmond, a Rochelle firm composed in part of [Laurens'] acquaintance Jacques DeLaire" (ibid., XI:303 note) in 1777. James Delaire and Co., merchants, trading at Nichols's wharf in Charleston, 1801-1802, James Delair was listed as still living in Charleston in 1806., Original digital object name: bei-m409, This digital resource is provided by the Special Collections department, Hamilton College, Clinton, New York, United States.