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Lesser Antilles (Beinecke)

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Grenada November 1799 in Continuation Grenada, 4 Nov 1799...
"Grenada November 1799 in Continuation""Monday 4 Novemr. a Very rainy disagreeable Morning. Capt. Huxley, 2d. W. I. Regt. arrived from Mtinico yesterday and brought an Account of the Dutch Fleet having surrendered to Admiral Duncan, that our Troops had landed and took a fort by Storm and were in possession of the Texel. Mr Hughes arrived in Town last evening 4 at dinner Mr Hughes and the family LMj"The last entry, dated Easter Sunday 5 April 1801, is signed "this day ends my second year in... Grenada. T B Campbell Capt 66 Regt. ..."Campbell served as aide to the commanding general, travelling with him about the island and attending most if not all social functions. His entries are usually brief, beginning with a note about the day's weather followed by his activities. He unfailingly describes where and with whom he dined, and is meticulous in noting the arrival and departure of all ships, including privateers and prizes. Reviewing troops, attendance at courts-martial, escorting visiting dignitaries (and losing to them at cards) were all part of Campbell's duties., Original digital object name: bei-m403, This digital resource is provided by the Special Collections department, Hamilton College, Clinton, New York, United States.