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Lesser Antilles (Beinecke)

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25 Slaves Copies 27 Apl. 1792 same date 12th and 13th May 1794 same dates 14th May 1794 15th D°. 8th Augt 1800 12th. June 1801 13th Novr. 1807 The followg do not relate to the title and are therefore not abstracted 30th June 1808 a Sale to Mr Cruikshank a
Copies of legal search documents and the will of John Cruikshank, relating in particular to a plantation on the island of Mustique, probably instigated after John Cruikshank's death.Boundaries include the Rutland Estate of Brook Rynd and the Adelphi Estate of Trimmingham and Thomas Wynne.Ninian Home sells John Campbell a cotton plantation on Mustique; deed of purchase by William Lushington (p. 65); Lushington's sale of plantation on Mustique to John Cruikshank (p. 68); Cruikshank's will (p. 72)."A... 11th. June 1792. This Indenture [of 27 April 1792]... Between Alexander Campbell... and Ninian Home... Whereas... Ninian Home now holds... a certain plantation situate in the Island of Mustique and Government of St. Vincents... as Tenant to the said Alexander Campbell...""This Indenture... [of 13 May 1794] Between Alexander Campbell of Grenada... and John Campbell of the Island of Mustique... Whereas the said Alexander Campbell is seized... of two certain Islands or Tracts of Land called the Greater and Lesser Mustique... making a part of the Government of Saint Vincent..." (p. 8)."This Indenture... [of 12 May 1794] Between Ninian Home Esquire Lieutenant Governor of the Island of Grenada and its Dependencies... and John Campbell of the Island of Mustique..." (p. 18).Cruikshank's will does "manumit and make free an infant Mestiff Slave the sone of Betsey Jameson and it is my Will that the said Betsey Jameson shall be allowed by my executors to have her own Time during her life with permission to reside upon my plantation or Estate called Langley Park."Slave names on pp. 3, 4, 7, 8, 15-17, 19, 25, 38-40, 52-54, 60-62, 67, 70, 71., Original digital object name: bei-m350, This digital resource is provided by the Special Collections department, Hamilton College, Clinton, New York, United States.
Amesbury, Massachusetts, and St. Vincent, 29 June 1773-Jan. 1812...
John Martin, a ship's chandler in Amesbury, Massachusetts, included among his accounts David Lowell; Isaac, Sarah, and Jonathan Martin; Capt. William Bagley, Nathan Long, Isaac Osgood, Joseph Dodge, John White, and Nathan Blodgett; Enoch Bartlett, Daniel Dinnerson Rogers and James Dunkin of Haverhill; John Pinkinton, James McGregor of Derry; and Samuel Phillips of Andover.The ledger also includes seven notarized copies (on 9 leaves) of letters from Thomas Traill of St. James Estate, Grenada, executor of Jonathan Martin, who owned the island of Petit St. Vincent, along with a copy of Martin's will. Two pages at end illustrate Masonic rites. The last entry is dated 27 May 1811."1812 the Heirs to the Estate of My Hond Father Jonathan Martin of Little St Vincent..." and "A Copy of the Copy of The last Will and Testament of Jonathan Martin late of Petit St. Vincent, in the West Indies... I Jonathan Martin of the Union Island Planter...", Original digital object name: bei-m221, This digital resource is provided by the Special Collections department, Hamilton College, Clinton, New York, United States.
La Rauchelle To Wm Bell Esqr. and ors } Lease for a year. (docket title)
Agreement between "La Rauchelle of that Part of the Parish of Saint George in the Island of Saint Vincent heretofore called Ribichi (but at present in the Island of Grenada) Chief of the Tribe of Red Indians in the said Island of Saint Vincent" and William Bell, Robert Young, and Thomas Mathews of St. Vincent, Anthony Richard William Somarsall, William Forbes, and Thomas Griffith of Barbados, and William Johnston of Tobago, "Practitioner in Physick.""La Rauchelle... Hath... Sold... All that Tract or Parcell of Land from the Southernmost Point of... Saint Vincent... called... Morn or Garou to... Pointe Espaignol... Containing by Estimations Four thousand Acres... And all Woods... and also all other the Lands Grounds and Hereditaments whatsoever of him the said La Rauchelle... in that part of the said Parish... heretofore called Ribichi or Elsewhere in the said Island..."Mark and seal of La Rauchelle., Original digital object name: bei-m205a, This digital resource is provided by the Special Collections department, Hamilton College, Clinton, New York, United States.
La Rauchelle to Wm Bell Esqr and ors. } Release. (docket title)
Sale by La Rauchelle of "certain Tracts of Land [described above]" to William Bell, Robert Young, Thomas Mathews, Anthony Richard William Somarsall, William Forbes, Thomas Griffith, and William Johnston for "One Hundred Pounds Sterling... And... Twenty Shillings... per Acre... one Month after... the King... Confirm[s]... Peaceable and Quiet Possession thereof..."Signed "The Mark and Seal of La Rauchelle X X" "Will Bell" "Robt Young" "T. Mathews"; Athy Rid Willm Somersale, Willm Forbes, Thos Griffith } all by Wm Bell their attorney, and "Will: Johnston""Before The Honorable [blank] Esquire one of the Iustices of the Court of Common Pleas held for the Island of Saint Vincent. Chennequin De Blissy of the said Island of Saint Vincent Gentleman one of the Subscribing Witnesses to the within Deed maketh Oath and Saith that he was Present and did hear the within Deed fully and clearly explained to the within Named La Rauchelle and that he was also present and did see... La Rauchelle Sign Seal and as his Free and Voluntary Act and Deed Deliver the within Deed..." with date of Jan. 1771 but unsigned; date not filled in; justice's name left blank.An early (but not the first) ripoff., Original digital object name: bei-m205b, This digital resource is provided by the Special Collections department, Hamilton College, Clinton, New York, United States.