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Lesser Antilles (Beinecke)

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Morrins test (docket title)
First line: The deposition of William Morren aged twenty foure..., Probably written in Massachusetts Bay., "The Deposition of William Morren aged twenty foure yeares or thereabouts. Saith. That Being one of the Seamen Belonging to the Ship Dolphin when Thomas Savage was master of her on a voyage to the West Indies, we being at an Island called St Lucia... sd Sloop loaded from or vessell twice... by the ordr of mr augustin Melot... mr melot desired or master to let him have the Boate and two men and he would goe over to Martinicoe... I Being one of the men... taken upon oath 25th. 6.77 before me Simon Bradstreet Rgr."After a long wait for his return, they left Melot behind., Original digital object name: bei-m016