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London 9 April 1799


We are favoured with your Letter
& agreeable to your demise inclose Bank Port
bills for £200. due to you for half and Rent from
Lord Romney for which please to send us
your Receipt. The Deeds you mention
were delivered into the Secretary Office to be
Registered of which We sent you a Certificate it is
a long time ago & We do not know why they
have not been Returned, the Gentleman to whom We
sent them has been some time in England & they have been
forgot We will immediately write for them

We have a Puncham of Rum for you from
Lord Romneys Estate at your disposals & have
desired his Attorney to send what the Estate is
in Arear To you as soon as Convenient
pray what do you Reckon is due to you?

We are with great Regard

Sir Your Most Humble Sir
Richard N. Neave

Christopher Jeaffreson