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Messrs. George and Nathl. Crump to Mr. Andw Newton } Lease for a Year. (docket title)
Messrs. George and Nathl. Crump to Mr. Andw. Newton } Release of those Plantations in Antigua to serve an Annuity of 300£ during Mr. Newton's Life. (docket title)
Messrs. Potts and others to Messrs. Shands by the direction of Messrs. Ottleys } Duplicate Assignment of Legacies charged on Estates in the Island of Antigua for securing £6000 and interest and other Sums to Messrs. Shands and subject thereto for Messrs.
Mortgage from Christopher Jeaffreson Esquire to Charles Pym Esquire of the Mannor of Wingfeild in the Island of Saint Christopher's./ (docket title).
Mountpleasant, Nevis, 10 June 1787. ALS to [Sir George Douglas]...
Mr Chistopher Ieffreson Esqr. to Charles Pym Esqr. } A Further Mortgage for 800l. of a plantation pt. at St. Christophers (docket title).
Mr Clerke and Mr Hunts[?] Leasse of my land in Antigoe: June 1°: 1648 for ii yeares: My lord Carliles patent to me was incoted Michaelmas Terme 23°: Car: 1647. (docket title)
Mr John Jeaffresons Assignemt of his estate and Interest to the Mannor of Wingfeild in the Island of St Christophers to Christopher Jeaffreson Esqr. (docket title).
Mr. Burrell et al to Mr Jeaffreson } Covent. Bond 1697 Plantation Manor of Wingfield in ye Isld. of St. Christophers (docket title).
No. 101, 10 March 1813, James Benidge of Saint Christopher
No. 101, 10 March 1813, James Benidge of Saint Christopher, "with..
No. 121, 24 March 1813, Nathaniel and Daniel Hill of Antigua.
No. 122, 24 March 1813, Nathaniel and Daniel Hill of Antigua
No. 3. Petition from 106 White Individuals to the Local Legislature against the Repeal of the White Servants' Act -- (docket title)
No. 317, 16 Aug. 1813, Joseph and Samuel L. Darrell of Antigua
No. 5. The manner in which Iuries are impannelled. (docket title)
November 6, 1682. Invoice of goods shipped on board the Trew Love
November 7, 1819. Sales of 16 Hogsheads of Sugar per Fortitude Increased; Manning @ St. Kitts on acct of Major Genl Jeaffreson
November 8, 1691. Copy of the act of the General Council and Assembly of the Leeward Islands founding commissioners and  and agent for the said islands
Novr. 12. 1713 Damage done by Major Gilliard partner to Mr Burrell - New lease to be granted to Col. Lambert. an Inventory of Slaves and what was Standing and growing and the Estate - (docket title).
Observations upon Mr. Harveys Letter of 21 July 1760 and the Proposals therein made to Mrs. King. (docket title)
October 12, 1819. Sales of 20 Hhds Sugar per Brittania; Thomas Sharpe @ St. Kitts on account of Major Genl Jeaffreson
Old Accounts of the Manor of Wingfield on the Island of St. Christophers (ms. cover title).
On board the Cambridge, St John's Road, Antigua, 26 Aptil 1758...
Preliminary sketch for plans, possibly for buildings on the Dullingham, England or Wingfield, St. Kitts estates. Undated
Receipt Book December 1 1794 (spine title).
Receipt from Christopher Jeaffreson to George Atkinson and Jeremiah Cushinge, March 1, 1680
Release from Miss Martha Gilbert and Mr William Dawes and Grace his Wife of two annuities of £20 and two legacies of £500 charged contingenting upon the Estates of The Reverend Nathaniel Gilbert in Antigua.-- (docket title)
Reports relating to Mr. Gordon's Estates in the West Indies, 1821 (Memorandum to accompany "Folio on [?] property in the W. Indies")
Reports Relating to Mr. Gordon's Estates in the West Indies, 1824
Rough Sketch of Agreement to Capt Burell (docket title).
Salem, 7 March, 1758. ALS to Davenport and Co.,...
Schedule and award made the 27 of August 1685 between Captain Christopher Jeaffreson and Ensign Edward Thorne
Settlement on the Marriage of Captain Jas. Athill with Miss Selina Bishop Of a Plantation Slaves stock and premises in the Island of Antigua. (docket title)
Settlement on the Marriage of Willm. Maxwell Esqr. with Miss Mary Charlotte Beuverie. (docket title)
Several preliminary sketches for plans, possibly for buildings on the Dullingham, England or Wingfield, St. Kitts estates. Undated
Sir William Codrington's Proper Acct... 1 Jan.-31 Dec. 1776...
Sr Wm Stapletons Grant of Wingfield Manor Plantation -- with the Original Grant of the use of the Water in the Old Road River for the benefit of the Wingfield Manor Estate to build Mills and Indego Works and ...(docket title).
St Xts. 26 May 1748 From Lt. Genll. Fleming abt Watt's Negros &c. K (docket title).
St. Kitts, 2 Feb. 1736/7. Ms. Letter to His Excellency the Capt. General …
St. Kitts, 30 May 1748. Copy letter
Stokell, Robert, fl. 1759. Antigua, 26 Feb...
Sugar account sheet for the Douglas Estate, Antigua
The Estate of James B. Gordon Esqr. Lying in the Division of Old North Sound, called Sanderson's. A Copy By, James Chalmers--Surveyor Genl.
The Honble Farquhard Campbell To Rose and Jeanvearve Debuque (docket title)
The Honble. S. B. Athill to William Henry Fremantle Esqr. and others. } Lease for a Year. (docket title)
The Lord Carleils graunt to Coll John Jeaffreson (docket title).
The Petition, of the Coloured Inhabitants, of the Island of Antigua. (ms. title-page)
The Proper Accot. Of Sir Willm. Codrington...Jan.-Dec. 1775...
The Representatives of Mrs. Grace Webb deceased to Reverend Nathaniel Gilbert } Deed for releasing <upon the terms within mentioned> Mrs. Gilberts estate in the Island of Antigua from all arrears of interest hitherto accrued on a certain legacy or sum of


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