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Schooner Walter (docket title)
Sr Patrick Blake 14 Oct. 1813} West Indies wth Copy of a letter Sent to Sr P. dated 3 Decr. 1813 (docket title).
St Christopher Returns and Valuatns of Slaves on Camp... Monkey Hill... Johnsons... Stone Castle } Estates... (docket title)
St Christopher's In the Court of Kings Bench and Common Pleas Webb vs Walter} Copy of Declõn Judgmt. thereon etc. (docket title)
St Christophers Captain Patersons Affidt: abt: the Works on Brimstone Hill. No. 7. (docket title)
St Christophers Iames Latimer's Affidt: concerning the Works on Brimstone Hill. No. 6. (docket title)
St Christophers business to Revd Josh. Hall March 24 and 25 1819 in consequence of dispatches Received from Messrs. Pickwood and Tyson-- the former having taken possession-- from Ld R the latter having hired it conditionally (docket title).
St. Christopher, 21 April 1817. ALS to "Rev. George Johnson"
St. Christophers Appraisement made by Charles Caines and Thos Pemberton Esqrs of an Estate belonging to Major General Chrisr. Jeaffreson Jany 26. 1819 (docket title).
The Honourable Gilbert Fleming Esqr. ãts Douglas and Another } Commission for taking Answer in Chancery. (docket title)
The State of the Case Presented by The Revd. Christopher Jeaffreson at Dullingham House May 21. 1824 (docket title).
Thomas Rowland Esqr: to Mr Patrick Burke } Release in Fee of Lands in the parish of St Ann Sandy point. 16th Iuly 1756 (docket title)
Wavel Smith Petition agt. Report. (docket title)
William Mathew Burt Esqr. to Messrs. Curtis and Lovell-- } Conveyance of Goathill Plantation in the Island of St. Christophers (docket title)
Wingfield Manor Appertaining to Chrisr Jeaffreson...
a Copy of the Power of Atty Genl Jeaffreson to RW Pickwood Esqr... Pocock and Forbes Ely Place 24 Oct 17 (docket title).
journal du voyage du Baron Grant en revenant de l'isle de france en Europe, en 1758. (ms. cover title)


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