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At the Court at Whitehall ye 13th of June 1663 Present The Kings most Excellt
Au Nom De La Republique Francaise. Extrait du registre des...
Au Sujet de la liberté de la presse. (docket title) Paris, 23 Sept. 1819...
Au sujet d'une souscription qui auroit été ouverte à la Martinique en faveur de la Famille de Mr. de Montarby. (docket title)
Autograph fragment of a letter, initialled
B Extracts French and English marriage James Macfarlane Jr. Flora Macfarlane Deed Bk f 119 (docket title).
Baptisimal form. Early example of Demerary printing. Certifies the baptism of William Clark, born 17 Oct 1805, son of Richard Clarke and Anna Marie Runnels Clarke. Printed on fine "Dobbs Patent" paper with blind stamped decorative scroll border inside whi
Barbados A State of an Accompt of John Spencer Esq &c Farmers of the 4 and 1/2 pCent there for 2 yeares ended at X/ms 1672 (docket title)
Barbados By His Excellency Sr. Thomas Robinson... 24 June 1743...
Barbados, 15 Dec. 1781. ALS to Hon. T. Townshend
Barbados, 24 Aug. 1756. Ms., 29 p. 36.9 cm… [Copy of a petition]
Barbados, 28 Feb. 1804. Ms. Affidavi
Barbados, Jan. 1825-Dec. 1841. Codex
Barbados. Governor.
Basseterre, Guadeloupe, 28 Sept. 1848. Ms. Letter to a friend in France...
Battle of the Saints, West Indies, 10-12 April 1782, Ms. Diary
Bermuda, 30 June 1751. Ms. Letter, signed to "M" Thomas Cross…
Bermuda, Oct. 1815. ALS to John D. Anderson
Bill and receipt, Barbados, 28 March 1716
Bill of Sale for the Brigg Free Mason. (docket title)
Bill of lading for coffee, Le Havre, 8 June 1786. Printed form...
Bill of lading, Bordeaux, 27 April 1790. Printed form, blanks filled...
Bordeaux, 12 Aug. 1778. ALS to Pocquet de Puilhery
Bordeaux, 17 March 1817. ALS to Mme. Levassor
Boston, 10 Aug. 1753. Ms. Letter to Hugh Wentworth, signed…
Boston, 10 May 1797. ALS to Joshua Wentworth
Boston, 11 Nov. 1782. ALS to Joshua Wentworth
Boston, 13 Jan. 1783. ALS to Joshua Wentworth
Boston, 16 Oct. 1782. ALS to Joshua Wentworth
Boston, 17 Feb. 1766. ALS to Hugh Hall Wentworth...
Boston, 17 Sept. 1796, "Dear Sir, I received your...
Boston, 2 July 1796. ALS to Joshua Wentworth
Boston, 20 April 1778. ALS to Joshua Wentworth
Boston, 20 Dec. 1782. ALS to Joshua Wentworth
Boston, 20 Jan. 1797. ALS to Joshua Wentworth
Boston, 21 Feb. 1777. ALS to Joshua Wentworth
Boston, 22 Aug. 1776. ALS to Joshua Wentworth
Boston, 23 Sept. 1773. Ms. Letter to Joshua Wentworth, signed...
Boston, 26 Aug. 1796. ALS to Joshua Wentworth
Boston, 26 Feb. 1783. ALS to [Wentworth?], "Sir these...
Boston, 28 Feb. 1755. ALS to Hugh Wentworth...
Boston, 4 Feb. 1795. ALS to Joshua Wentworth
Boston, 4 Sept. 1783. Ms. letter to Joshua Wentworth
Boston? 11 March 1796. ALS to Joshua Wentworth
Breck, Samuel, 1747-1809.
Breck, Samuel, 1747-1809. Boston, 16 Oct. 1783. ALS to Joshua...
Brest, 19 Cept. 1824. ALS to Donzelot, "Mon General,...
Brevet d'adjonction à la place de Directeur des Ports et Arsenaux de Marine Pour le S. de la Touche Capitaine de Vau. (docket title)
Brevet de Lieutenant de Vaisseau Pour le S. [de la Touche de Beauregard Eleve a la premiere Classe]... (docket title)
Brimstone Hill. A detailed account by the English commander of the French destruction of British shipping at Basseterre. William Woodley to Lord Lavington. Lists the 11 French warships and the number of guns. Lists the 7 ships destroyed, their captains, t


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