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Grenada, May 1774. ALS to [Davenport and Wentworth]
H.M.S. Sloop Prometheus. At Sea...
Hall, Charles, fl. 1767. Barbados, 25 Sept. 1767. ALS to Hugh...
Jepson, John, fl. 1759
John Bassett Junr. His Book (ms. Title-page). 25 Dec 1752-11. . .
Journal, 1 Aug. 1817-30 Aug. 1819. Codex
Killed and Wounded at Curacoa (docket title)
Killed and Wounded at Curacoa (docket title)
Latter to Blathwayt, 5:th Dec: 1682 From Mr. Witham 4 1/2 p cent (docket title)
Ld: Willoughby's Warrt: passed here 24th Jany 1672 (docket title)
Leeward Islands - Four and a Half Per Cent. Duties. On the order of...
Letter to Blathwayt, Barbados, 11 June 1692
Letter to Blathwayt, Barbados, 12 Feb. 1691
Letter to Blathwayt, Barbados, 13 Aug. 1692
Letter to Blathwayt, Barbados, 14 May 1692. From Mr Whetstone Recd. 13 Aug: 1692 (docket title)
Letter to Blathwayt, Barbados, 15 July 1692
Letter to Blathwayt, Barbados, 15 March 16[92]
Letter to Blathwayt, Barbados, 23 July 1696, Drpt from Col. Russel (docket title)
Letter to Blathwayt, Barbados, 31 Jan. 1680
Letter to Blathwayt, London, 26 March 1681
Letter to D. Wescomb, Whitehall, 15 Nov. 1727
Letter to John Cook, Lisbon, 15 Oct. 1672
Letter to Richard Bate, Barbados, 28 April 1701
Letter to d'Herblay, Ste. Marie, 26 May 1665
Letter to the Lords commissioners of the Treasurey, Barbados, 1680
Letter, 14th: Sept 1687 From Capt. Carmichael Recd: ye: 4th March 1687/8 (docket title)
Letters to Blathwayt, Barbados, 14 May and 10 June 1692
Letters to John and Thomas Eyres, Barbados, 8 May and 6 Aug. 1707
Letters, 10 June and 9 July 1692
London, 12 Jan. 1759. Ms. Letter to Davenport and Wentworth,...
Lord Palmerston. With Paper on Defence of W Indies Circulated Decb/4 (docket title)
Maj to Lt. Jonathan A. Atkins Governor of Barbados. Approved in Councill (docket title)
Memoir of military service, 1776-1779, ms journal
Memorandum of an Agreement... Newbury port, 6 Nov. 1775
Montserat. Act preventing Inconveniences arising from Accts. left upon Oaths and Assignmts of Bills without the knowledge of Debtors (docket title)
Morrins test (docket title)
Nevis and St. Christophers Debentures, 3 July 1725
No.9. Journal, kept by Edward H. Seymour. Commencing [last quarter] 10th March 1890. Ending [full moon] 8th Jan. 1893 (ms. title-page).
Notes on the West Indies. F. D. [St. Christopher] 1822. Blank book...
On l'informe du résultat de l'Examen des comptes administratifs de la Martinique, pour les Exercices antérieurs à 1821. Dispositions à suivre pour opérer la clôture des Comptes d'Exercice. (docket title)
Ordres Et Instructions que Nous SousSignes donons au S. Jauques Saubere commandant…, Bordeaux 14 April 1727
Original of Ansr. of Govr. of Curacoa to the Summons. (docket title)
Petition Sr. Henry Puckering Knt. and others Creditors. of the late Earle of Carlisle (docket title)
Petition Sr. Henry Puckering Knt. and others Creditors. of the late Earle of Carlisle. (docket title)
Population of the West India Islands 1805 (docket title).
Robert Robertson's Bill Sale for half of Sloop Elizabeth...
Salem, 7 March, 1758. ALS to Davenport and Co.,...
Scavoir sil reste encore quelque chose a fair sur la vente del Isle…
Scraps etc. In the Tropics from 1824 to 1831... 14 Nov. 1824-1831...
Solly, Samuel, fl. 1753. Boston, 17 Sept. 1753. ALS to Hugh…


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