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Antigua 20 Augt. 1779 Letter from Commodore Collingwood with an accot. of his proceedings at English Harbour. Recd. by the Surprize 27 Augt. (docket title)
Antigua, 2 July 1759. ALS to Davenport and Wentworth
At the Court at Whitehall ye 13th of June 1663 Present The Kings most Excellt
Barbados, Jan. 1825-Dec. 1841. Codex
Battle of the Saints, West Indies, 10-12 April 1782, Ms. Diary
Bedford. Line of Battle 14 February 1782 Sr. S. Hood (docket title)
Boyne, off Pointe a Pitre, Guadeloupe, 13 April 1794. ALS to Philip...
Bristol, 17 Oct 1765. Ms. Letter, signed, to Hugh Hall Wentworth...
Bristol, 24 Oct. 1765. Ms. Letter, signed, to Hugh Hall Wentworth...
Bry[?], 28 Aug. 1805. ALS to Captain Jackson
By his Excellency Sir James Cockburn Bart. Governor and Commander...
Campaign and provision journal, 17 Feb. -7 Dec. 1798
Captain Bligh relating to Curacoa. (docket title)
Captain Bligh relative to Curacoa (docket title)
Captain Bligh respecting Curacoa the Summons. (docket title)
Captain Bligh's Private Letter respecting Curacoa (docket title)
Captain William Pryce Camby To The Masters of Vessels under...
Chatham, 14 June 1805. ALS to the V. M. General
Chatham, 5 March 1805. ALS to Lt. Col. Bunbury
Collot, Georges, 1750-1805. On board the Boyne, 22 April 1794. Ms...
Copies of Various Orders and Letters respecting the Blockade of the Island of Curacoa By His Majestys Naval Forces under the Command of Vice Admiral Sir John Thomas Duckworth Kt. (docket title)
Copies of letters to Blathwayt, Barbados, 5 March . . . 12 March . . . 14 March 1691/2
Copies of letters to John Povey and Blathwayt, Barbados, 10 Aug. and 12 Sept. and 19 Sept. 1692
Copy of a Deposition of Mr. Jno. Ridley In the Letter of the Lds. Commrs. of Trade of Febry. 1th 1707/8. In the D. of Newcastle's May 16. os 1728 (docket title)
Copy of a Letter from Mr. Pitt to Sir James Douglas-- dated Whitehall, 5th August 1761 (docket title).
Copy of a Minute of Cabinet <14th Augt. 1795> (docket title)
Copy of a letters to Blathwayt, Barbados, 14 March 1691/2 and 20 April 1692
Copy of a letters to Blathwayt, Barbados, 7 Feb and 4 March 1691/2
Custom House, March 14th 1796. Mr. T. Irving Transmitting Various Accounts. <Not with the Letter> (docket title)
Downing Street, 12 Feb. 1813. Ms. letter to Beckwith, signed
Duplicate. Skeffington Robinson Alexander Robinson and Thomas Robinson Esqres. to His Majesty } Lease for a Year. (docket title)
Duplicate...Bathurst to Lt. Gen. Sir George Beckwith. Downing...
E[lizabeth?] Temple to R. G. Temple Esq., 1831?
Engineer Department, Antigua To Charles Kerr... For Victualling the...
Ensign G. Sarda, 3d. Batt. 60 Regt. (docket title)
First Battn, Royal. List of Men who have Died from the period of...
Fleming, Gilbert, d. 1762. St Christopher, 14 April 17[42]
From Mr. Stede to The Committee (docket title)
G. Laurie Pile to ?, 1890?
Genealogical information and chart
Geneva, 18 Sept. 1780. ALS to Sir William [Howe]
George the Third by the Grace of our beloved Vice Admiral...
Grenada November 1799 in Continuation Grenada, 4 Nov 1799...
Grenada, 1765 [Oath of Allegiance]
Grenada, 25 Oct. 1788. Printed form
H.M.S. Sloop Prometheus. At Sea...
HMS Venus, English Harbour, Antigua, 23 Feb. 1803. Ms. order to...
Hampton Cour, 11 July 1837. ALS To the Editor of the United Service...
Head Quarters, Martinique, 2 Jan. 1796. Ms. order from Major...
Horse Guards, 8 Nov. 1805. Ms. Letter to George Beckwith, signed...


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