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...At a Court of Chancery held by His Excellency Sr. Thomas…
21 Feb. 1838. ALS to Thomas Metcalfe
3d Augt 1757 Act of Assembly
A Coppey of the paper Relateinge to Benony Pearcey and his wiffe (docket title)
Barbados A State of an Accompt of John Spencer Esq &c Farmers of the 4 and 1/2 pCent there for 2 yeares ended at X/ms 1672 (docket title)
Barbados By His Excellency Sr. Thomas Robinson... 24 June 1743...
Barbados, 15 Dec. 1781. ALS to Hon. T. Townshend
Barbados, 24 Aug. 1756. Ms., 29 p. 36.9 cm… [Copy of a petition]
Barbados, 28 Feb. 1804. Ms. Affidavi
Barbados. Governor.
Barbados? 1701? Ms. Estimate
Bill and receipt, Barbados, 28 March 1716
Condrington College, Barbados, 15 Dec. 1851. Ms. Letter to "The Rev...
Copies of Letters on the Expedition... Bridgetown, Barbados, 28 Dec...
Copies of reports and letters, Barbados, 18 March 1703 - 20 April 1704
Diary of a voyage from Inverness via London to Demerara, 1843]...
Downing Street, 26 Feb. 1812. Ms. letter to Beckwith, signed
Duplicate of Barbados Accott Currtt dat: 2 Septemb 1708 (docket title)
Ellys A. Stephens, Esqr. to Stephen Walcott Esqr. } Lease of a plantation in the Island of Barbadoes. [and] Miss Elizth. Walcott to Ellys A. Stephen Esq. } Surrender. (docket title)
Estimate of rum and duties for Jamaica, Barbados, Antigua,…
Extract of a Letter From Mr. Grey Dat. 17th. June 99 (docket title)
Francis Ford Esquire to George Bristow Esquire } Release to Bar Entails of plantations in Barbadoes. (docket title)
Governor Walker to His Grace The Duke of Buckingham and Chandos Submits Address from Assembly enquiring whether application had been made for a First Class Engineer... (docket title)
Governor Walker to the Duke of Buckingham and Chandos. Relates to the works in the Inner Harbor and requests that the services of a man of superior professional merit might be obtained for their completion and also forwards the particulars of the vacant O
Grant agt. Singlton } 18th June 1766 Reced from M Daling (docket title)
Hall, Charles, fl. 1767. Barbados, 25 Sept. 1767. ALS to Hugh...
Jepson, John, fl. 1759
Journal, 1 Aug. 1817-30 Aug. 1819. Codex
La Rauchelle To Wm Bell Esqr. and ors } Lease for a year. (docket title)
La Rauchelle to Wm Bell Esqr and ors. } Release. (docket title)
Letter to John Cook, Lisbon, 15 Oct. 1672
Letter to Richard Bate, Barbados, 28 April 1701
Letter to William Plaxton, Barbados, 10 Jan. 1723
Letter to William Plaxton, Barbados, 26 Nov. 1723
Letter to William Plaxton, Barbados, 3 Sept. 1723
Letter to William Plaxton, Barbados, 5 Jan. 1723
Letter to William Plaxton, Barbados, 7 Oct. 1723
Letter, Barbados, 12 September 1704
Letters to John and Thomas Eyres, Barbados, 8 May and 6 Aug. 1707
License to leave Barbardos
London, 12 Jan. 1759. Ms. Letter to Davenport and Wentworth,...
Lt Governor Mundy to His Grace The Duke of Buckingham...
Memoir of military service, 1776-1779, ms journal
Minute Paper
Mr Cherryes Lease for a yeare of the Plantacõn. (docket title)
My Lady Bendyshe's Declaracon concerning Bidemill House plantacon 1678. (docket title)
My Lady Bendyshes Settlement of her Barbadoes Estate Dated the 19 day of Aprill 1690// (docket title)
Probate of the Will of Abraham Cumberbatch Esqr deceased Dated 23d November 1796. (docket title)
Robert Robertson's Bill Sale for half of Sloop Elizabeth...
Schooner Walter (docket title)