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"Memorandm, that mr: Iames Stapleton, the Son of his Excie:William Stapleton Captt. Generall &c Was borne upon this Island of Nevis the 24th. day of Septr. …
Andrew Hamilton Esqr. to Benjamin Vaughan Junior and others. } Lease for a Year. (docket title)
Andrew Hamilton Esqr. to Richard Neave and Thomas Neave Esqrs. } Lease for a Year.-- (docket title)
Grafton Street, 21 Aug. 1788. ALS to Sir George Douglas
Laws of Nevis 1680 - 1773
Mountpleasant, Nevis, 10 June 1787. ALS to [Sir George Douglas]...
RG 1.12 Nevis Council Minutes 1782-1802
RG 1.17 Nevis Council Minutes 1803-1809
RG 1.2 Nevis Council 1748-1752
RG 1.20 Nevis Council Minutes 1816-1818
RG 1.23 Nevis Council Minutes 1823-1827
RG 1.25 Nevis Council Minutes February 1838 - March 1853
RG 1.3 Nevis Council Minutes 1761-1772
RG 1.8 Nevis Council Minutes 1781-1782
RG 13.3 St. Paul's Baptismal Records 1835-1873
RG 13.9 (13.19) St. Paul's Baptismal Records 1824-1835
RG 15.3 St. James Register of Baptisms 1839-1877
St. Thomas Lowland Baptismal Records 1827-1873
William Smith Esqr and Wife to Messrs. Payne and Clarke } Release of a Plantation in the Island of Nevis in the West Indies with the Slaves etc. thereto belonging (docket title)