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Captain Bligh respecting Curacoa the Summons. (docket title)
Original of Ansr. of Govr. of Curacoa to the Summons. (docket title)
Answer of the Government of Curacoa to the Summons of Capt Bligh. (docket title)
Captain Bligh relating to Curacoa. (docket title)
Captain Bligh's Private Letter respecting Curacoa (docket title)
Killed and Wounded at Curacoa (docket title)
Captain Bligh relative to Curacoa (docket title)
Killed and Wounded at Curacoa (docket title)
Theseus.-- List of Killed and Wounded at the attack of Curacoa 31 Jany to 26th. Feby 1804. (docket title)
Copies of Various Orders and Letters respecting the Blockade of the Island of Curacoa By His Majestys Naval Forces under the Command of Vice Admiral Sir John Thomas Duckworth Kt. (docket title)
Schr. Fly, Wallace Copy of the King's Advocate's Opinion (docket title)
By his Excellency Sir James Cockburn Bart. Governor and Commander...
Received from Stewart Abernethy Esqr. Assistant Commissary...
Survey of Provisions recd. by the Dispatch transport Victualler (docket title)
United States Consulate Dutch West Indies.