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Basseterre, 15 May 1801. ALS to Mme. Balestier
Basseterre, Guadeloupe, 12 May 1801. ALS to Mme. Lefevre...
Bedford. Line of Battle 14 February 1782 Sr. S. Hood (docket title)
Brimstone Hill. A detailed account by the English commander of the French destruction of British shipping at Basseterre. William Woodley to Lord Lavington. Lists the 11 French warships and the number of guns. Lists the 7 ships destroyed, their captains, t
Land registers, [St. Kitts], 26 June, 13 July, and 21 Aug. 1727, 27 Jan. 1728, 25 Mar. 1765
Landenoy, Antoine Philippe, comte de, fl. 1816-1833. Basseterre 13...
Letter. Jos Gardner to Thos H. Gardner, Coatesville, Pa. relating details of trip, places stayed, food, weather, flora and fauna, animals, people. December 29, 1828. 3 pp., 31 cm.
Point Pitre, 28 April 1801. ALS to James Prince
Vaye, 14 Jan. 1800. ALS to Maisoncelle Vertille

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