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Vera Cruz, 24 May 1824. ALS to Governor Victoria Guadalupe of...
Versailles, 11 March 1766. Printed form, blanks filled in ms.,...
Versailles, 17 Feb. 1786. Ms. letter to Desligneris, signed
Versailles, 18 April 1766. Ms., 1 p. 36 cm. Seal. Worming with loss...
Versailles, 25 May 1785. ALS to Desligneris
Versailles, 27 Nov. 1785. Ms. letter to Desligneris, signed
Versailles, 6. Jan. 1745. Ms. Letter to de Lignery
Versailles, 7 Dec. 1774
Versailles, 7 Oct. 1774. Ms. Letter, signed
Versailles, 9 June 1786. Ms. letter to Desligneris, signed
Voyage dans l'Amerique du Nord, Antilles, Mexique...
Warrant from Iustices of Peace of denbigh March 11th. (docket title)
Warrawarou---Dubuque Proo Ground
Wavel Smith Petition agt. Report. (docket title)
Ways and Means for 1843 (docket title).
Weekes family accounts, 1825-Dec. 1841
Weekes genealogical chart. 2 or 3 p. in fragments, in plasticine.
Weekes, genealogy
Wells, 18 Sept. 1819. Al. . ., "My Dear S. . .
Welton Hall, 18 April 1864. ALS to Messrs Routilege, Warne and ..
Wentworth, Joshua, 1742-1809. Portsmouth, 14 June 1773…
West India Colonies. On Tuesday next, the 23d instant, in the music-hall, Blackett-Street, Mr. Borthwick will deliver a lecture on the state and prospect of the slave population in the British West Indies...Broadside. Newcastle: Hernaman and Perring, Apri
West Indian Mems [i.e., memoirs]
Whitehall, 15 Aug. 1716. ALS to James Douglass
Whitehall, 30th oct: 94. ALS to "Lord Sydney"
William Johnstone Esqre: and Messrs. John Inglis Edward Ellice and J. B. Inglis } Agreement (docket title)
William Lushington Esqr. to Messrs. Boldero and Co. } Lease for a Year. (docket title)
William Mathew Burt Esqr. to Messrs. Curtis and Lovell-- } Conveyance of Goathill Plantation in the Island of St. Christophers (docket title)
William Shand Esq. to George Savage Martin and Wm. Hy. Martin Esqrs. } Reconveyance of the High Point Plantation in Antigua. (docket title)
William Smith Esqr and Wife to Messrs. Payne and Clarke } Release of a Plantation in the Island of Nevis in the West Indies with the Slaves etc. thereto belonging (docket title)
William Timson... Marryat Esq. ...} Conveyance of Tivoli and St. John Estates... the Island of Grenada. (docket title)
William Wilberforce Esqr. M.P. London Published by J. Asperne 32...
William Wilberforce, Esq. Painted by G. Richmond Engraved by J...
William Young Esqr. and Oths. to Mr. David Young } Release. (docket title)
Winchelsea, 29 Sept. 1806. ALS to the Lr Major General
Wingfield Manor Appertaining to Chrisr Jeaffreson...
With papa's return envelope, addressed "A MonSieur zaCaro...
Wm Bate and Alice Bate their deed of Settlemt of plant La Rouse to Rd Bate their Sonne Augt 14 1677 Barbados (docket title)
Wm Bate and Alice Bate their deed of Settlemt of planta Delarouse on Rd Bate Augt 14 77 (docket title)
Wm Hart his deposition concerning plant La Rouse Augt 12: 99 (docket title)
Wm King and James Parkinson Esqrs by the direction of [blank] to Fredk. Keddell Esq. and Alexander Dalrymple Esq. } (docket title)
Wm Rawlin Barbad May 7th 1745 reced in Lond June 8th do. (docket title).
Ydea de lo que parece convendria hacer para mejorar nuestra...
[1716] A Lease from Christopher Jeffreson Esqr. to Major General Lambeth of the plantation or Mannor of Wingfield in St Christophers for Twelve Yeares at 200l p [annum] to [expire] at Lady Day 1728. (docket title).
[1727] C Jeaffreson Esqr. to Charles Pym Esqr. A Lease of a Plantation in the Island of Saint Christophers For 30 Years from Lady Day 1728 Yearly Rent 250£ (docket title).
[1728] Bond from Charles Pym and Thos Truman to Chrisr Jeaffreson for Performance of Covenants (docket title).
[1840?] Eton College. to "My dear Papa and Mama"
[1840?] Eton College. to "My dear Papa and Mama"
[1877?] Silit, an old servent, to Nathan Weekes
[Copy of an order from De La Croix to De La Neuville]…


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