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Lesser Antilles (Beinecke)

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Barbados? 1701? Ms. Estimate
Estimates for Charge of the like Quantity of Studs[?]... to Barbados as well sent Martinique in 1702... fixt with Bazanetti -- and also of the Charge ... a supply of Studs to the Leeward Islds..., Original digital object name: bei-m034a
Letter to Richard Bate, Barbados, 28 April 1701
Scott, Richard, fl. 1701."Dear Frd Bate/ Though I cannot give you a pfect accot of mattrs, yet I think it pp to say something in answer to yor severall Lrs, by Mr Alexandr., Capt Sutton and others, relateing to the affaires of Madm [Barbara] Newton decd, yor self and me viz"In the first place, as to Gibbs, since the rect of yor new power of Att, from the severall Trustees (Except Burrow) to my selfe, Capt Codrington, Mr Willis and Mr Alexandr, which is not yet proved..."I know not what notions persons (in England) have of his Excellcy, but without partiallity I speake it, Barbados was never happier, then now it is, and whilest he continues, we shall be soe..." signed "Rd Scott."Richard Scott was "a member of this Board, and one of the Attorney's of Richard Bate, Esq now in London..."--see PRO CSP Col. 1701, 340 for related documents of 15 April.Richard Bate was a plantation manager--see Handler 158--Suppl. 60., Signed, Original digital object name: bei-m034b
Morrins test (docket title)
First line: The deposition of William Morren aged twenty foure..., Probably written in Massachusetts Bay., "The Deposition of William Morren aged twenty foure yeares or thereabouts. Saith. That Being one of the Seamen Belonging to the Ship Dolphin when Thomas Savage was master of her on a voyage to the West Indies, we being at an Island called St Lucia... sd Sloop loaded from or vessell twice... by the ordr of mr augustin Melot... mr melot desired or master to let him have the Boate and two men and he would goe over to Martinicoe... I Being one of the men... taken upon oath 25th. 6.77 before me Simon Bradstreet Rgr."After a long wait for his return, they left Melot behind., Original digital object name: bei-m016
Voyage dans l'Amerique du Nord, Antilles, Mexique...
Voyage dans l'Amerique du nord, Antilles, Mexique, Etats unis, Canada et Terre Neuve 1859-1860-1861. ...The author, a French naval officer who became Inspector-General of the French Navy, published numerous articles on the natural history of many of the countries he visited (cf. Otto Lorenz, Manuel du libraire). This voyage in the frigate Cleopatre under the command of Vice-Admiral Ed. Penoud emphasizes the Mexican coast and Martinique., Original digital object name: bei-m590v1, This digital resource is provided by the Special Collections department, Hamilton College, Clinton, New York, United States.
Original digital object name: bei-m590v2, This digital resource is provided by the Special Collections department, Hamilton College, Clinton, New York, United States.