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Lesser Antilles (Beinecke)

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Journal, 1 Aug. 1817-30 Aug. 1819. Codex
[journal]For author's name see p. 170."Passage from Portsmouth to the Island of St. Thomas... 1st Augt. 1817.... on board the Ship Two Friends -- Captn. Corns. Ryan with 91 Passengers... to South America <our place of Destination>... Felt the difference of my Situation, being among a set of Men spending their Sabbath in Cursing and Swearing... Commenced the Study of Spanish... nearly 100 of us, a great Proportion British Officers..."At St. Thomas, Agents Mendez and Walton were to supply them $200 each and instructions as to final destination but could not be found; the author decides to return home but on the way met Captain Osborne; they join Colonel Needham and "8 or 9 other Officers, who intended to join the Patriots..."Received by Lieutt. General Tomás Montilla on their arrival at Old Guyana."The Government of Venezuela have declared themselves Independent..."; listing all officers, Bolivar through Col. Richards, Secretary to the Admiral.Minor skirmishes (Calaboza), various commanders, campaign; Bolivar's personal staff; full account, with sketch, of battle in which author is wounded."The following is a correct List of the English officers in this Action" includes himself by name.Leave of absence, return, final departure; rift between Bolivar and Col. Páez results in English officers imprisoned; aboard H.M. Frigate Tartar (Sir Geo. Collier) in Barbados, "A large Spanish armed Corvette <the Herculina> had the Impudence to Anchor close to our Frigate full of Slaves from Africa: being in a French Port, the Tartar dare not touch her, tho' employed on the African Station..."; author returns home, stopping at St. Domingo under King Christophle.Appendix, pp. 295-317.Kitchingman was not known to Alfred Hasbrouck (see his Foreign Legionaries in the Liberation of Spanish South America, N. Y., 1928)., Original digital object name: bei-m490, This digital resource is provided by the Special Collections department, Hamilton College, Clinton, New York, United States.
La Rauchelle To Wm Bell Esqr. and ors } Lease for a year. (docket title)
Agreement between "La Rauchelle of that Part of the Parish of Saint George in the Island of Saint Vincent heretofore called Ribichi (but at present in the Island of Grenada) Chief of the Tribe of Red Indians in the said Island of Saint Vincent" and William Bell, Robert Young, and Thomas Mathews of St. Vincent, Anthony Richard William Somarsall, William Forbes, and Thomas Griffith of Barbados, and William Johnston of Tobago, "Practitioner in Physick.""La Rauchelle... Hath... Sold... All that Tract or Parcell of Land from the Southernmost Point of... Saint Vincent... called... Morn or Garou to... Pointe Espaignol... Containing by Estimations Four thousand Acres... And all Woods... and also all other the Lands Grounds and Hereditaments whatsoever of him the said La Rauchelle... in that part of the said Parish... heretofore called Ribichi or Elsewhere in the said Island..."Mark and seal of La Rauchelle., Original digital object name: bei-m205a, This digital resource is provided by the Special Collections department, Hamilton College, Clinton, New York, United States.
La Rauchelle to Wm Bell Esqr and ors. } Release. (docket title)
Sale by La Rauchelle of "certain Tracts of Land [described above]" to William Bell, Robert Young, Thomas Mathews, Anthony Richard William Somarsall, William Forbes, Thomas Griffith, and William Johnston for "One Hundred Pounds Sterling... And... Twenty Shillings... per Acre... one Month after... the King... Confirm[s]... Peaceable and Quiet Possession thereof..."Signed "The Mark and Seal of La Rauchelle X X" "Will Bell" "Robt Young" "T. Mathews"; Athy Rid Willm Somersale, Willm Forbes, Thos Griffith } all by Wm Bell their attorney, and "Will: Johnston""Before The Honorable [blank] Esquire one of the Iustices of the Court of Common Pleas held for the Island of Saint Vincent. Chennequin De Blissy of the said Island of Saint Vincent Gentleman one of the Subscribing Witnesses to the within Deed maketh Oath and Saith that he was Present and did hear the within Deed fully and clearly explained to the within Named La Rauchelle and that he was also present and did see... La Rauchelle Sign Seal and as his Free and Voluntary Act and Deed Deliver the within Deed..." with date of Jan. 1771 but unsigned; date not filled in; justice's name left blank.An early (but not the first) ripoff., Original digital object name: bei-m205b, This digital resource is provided by the Special Collections department, Hamilton College, Clinton, New York, United States.