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Lesser Antilles (Beinecke)

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Letter to Arthur Sparke, Barbadoes, 15 July 1654.
First line: Brother, after my love unto you presented..., Original digital object name: bei-m004b
Letter to Arthur Sparke, Barbados, 13 May 1654.
First line: After[?] my love and dew respecte unto you presented and to..., Original digital object name: bei-m004a
Letter to Arthur Sparke, Jamaica, 24 Jan. 1659.
First line: Both my love and Best Respectes unto you..., Original digital object name: bei-m004c
Letter to Arthur Sparke, Jamaica, 6 Aug. 1660.
First line: And Ever Lovinge Brother. Theise ffew lynes are only..., Has had a bad trip--deplores the market--cannot get sugar at 4d. per pound--introduces Mr. Nicholas Sparke--Jamaica needs relief badly from England--has sent his mother a coconut by John Dudley--also sends an earring with pearls and a cake of chocolate--asks for brandy--longs to return to England but cannot get goods for passage as brother Gabriel has sold what he was given and "makes himsealf drunkard llaughing stocke to all the Country..."--in short, is very unhappy.There are Sparke family papers (54 documents), including letters of Arthur and Charles, in the library of the Royal Commonwealth Society--see Handler 152-153., Original digital object name: bei-m004d
Memoir of military service, 1776-1779, ms journal
Original digital object name: bei-m241a, This digital resource is provided by the Special Collections department, Hamilton College, Clinton, New York, United States.