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Lesser Antilles (Beinecke)

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Comission of Coll. of Forts etc. in Nevis. (docket title)
"St. Christophers By the Honble Gilbert Fleming... I... nominate... Charles Lyon Burt Esqr. to be Colonel of all His Majesty's... Fortifications in... Nevis in the room of Edward Symonds...", Original digital object name: bei-m110, This digital resource is provided by the Special Collections department, Hamilton College, Clinton, New York, United States.
Nevis and St. Christophers Debentures, 3 July 1725
[Nevi]s and St. Christophers Debentures.Payment to Sir Lambert Blackwell, Bart., pursuant to "An Act for paying of and cancelling One Million of Exchequer-Bills, and to give Ease to the South-Sea Company...", Original digital object name: bei-m045