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Lesser Antilles (Beinecke)

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Journal, 1 Aug. 1817-30 Aug. 1819. Codex
[journal]For author's name see p. 170."Passage from Portsmouth to the Island of St. Thomas... 1st Augt. 1817.... on board the Ship Two Friends -- Captn. Corns. Ryan with 91 Passengers... to South America <our place of Destination>... Felt the difference of my Situation, being among a set of Men spending their Sabbath in Cursing and Swearing... Commenced the Study of Spanish... nearly 100 of us, a great Proportion British Officers..."At St. Thomas, Agents Mendez and Walton were to supply them $200 each and instructions as to final destination but could not be found; the author decides to return home but on the way met Captain Osborne; they join Colonel Needham and "8 or 9 other Officers, who intended to join the Patriots..."Received by Lieutt. General Tomás Montilla on their arrival at Old Guyana."The Government of Venezuela have declared themselves Independent..."; listing all officers, Bolivar through Col. Richards, Secretary to the Admiral.Minor skirmishes (Calaboza), various commanders, campaign; Bolivar's personal staff; full account, with sketch, of battle in which author is wounded."The following is a correct List of the English officers in this Action" includes himself by name.Leave of absence, return, final departure; rift between Bolivar and Col. Páez results in English officers imprisoned; aboard H.M. Frigate Tartar (Sir Geo. Collier) in Barbados, "A large Spanish armed Corvette <the Herculina> had the Impudence to Anchor close to our Frigate full of Slaves from Africa: being in a French Port, the Tartar dare not touch her, tho' employed on the African Station..."; author returns home, stopping at St. Domingo under King Christophle.Appendix, pp. 295-317.Kitchingman was not known to Alfred Hasbrouck (see his Foreign Legionaries in the Liberation of Spanish South America, N. Y., 1928)., Original digital object name: bei-m490, This digital resource is provided by the Special Collections department, Hamilton College, Clinton, New York, United States.