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Know all men thesse Presnts That I Sr William Stapleton Bartmt: 
Capt. Gneral and Cheife Governor in and over his Majesties Carribe Leeward
In America By vertue of a Commifsion to me directed by of Late Soveraigne
King Charles ye second bearing date the 10th of Feb: 1671/2 Whereby I am
Impowered to lett set and dispofe of all such lands, tenements, &
hereditaments as 
shall fall or otherwife become dew to our soveraigne Lord ye King in any of
sayd Islands Haveing Deed under his sayd Majesties Seal for thefe Islands
Given Granted and Afsertained unto Christopher Jeaffrefon Cafe of ye sayd
Gent his heires Executo and Afsignes for ever All that Plantation or Parcel
Land in ye Island St Christophers commonly called Wingfeils Mannor: Leying
the Olde Road Devifsion and bounded as in ye sayd Deed is fully Expressed:
With all
the Rights members Jurisdictions, Profits, Priviledges Commodeties & use to
ye same
belonging or anywife Appertaineing I doe hereby Certefie and Declare to all

perfons whom it may anywife concerne That I have given & doe gerevt Give
Leave & Power to ye sayd Christopher Jeaffreson aforenamed his Executor 
Administrator & Assignes, or either of them to make, erector build
Indego Workes or any other Conveniencies on yor Riverside by wch ye
Plantation is on one side bounded. And to use ye Water of ye sayd Riverside

of all fymes and on all occasions as shall or may be necessary or
to him or his Assignes. And that notwithstanding a certaine former Deede
Whereby ye Royalties of ye sayd River (that is to say ye sole Power
fowleing* &
fisheing in ye same) was heretofore by me Granted to Coll: Abednego Matthew

Cafe Deputy Governor: of ye sayd Island: It was noways* intended thereby to

distroy, infringe, Lesser diminish or take away, the Priviledges Advantages

Commodeties or Conveniencies, wch: by the Sayd Christopher Jeaffreson or
of his Auncesters (who have many years since beene possessers of ye 
aforementioned Plantation) have beene occupied, & fed, or injoyed by them
or any of them 
I doe hereby fully confirme & Grant to ye Sayd Christopher Jeaffreson his
Executor And Assignes ye free use of the sayd River with all profits and
advantages &
fisheing in ye same: Granted to Coll Matthews & his heirs as a foresayd. In
Whereby of I have here unto sett my hand and Seal this twenty fifth day of
November Anno Domini 1685

SSn: Stapleton